Software Technology Parks of India-Lucknow, UP, INDIA
Software TEchnology Parka of India-Lucknow, UP, INDIA

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Software Technology Parks of India-Lucknow, UP, INDIA
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About Noida

The city of the future also boasts of an unparalleled infrastructure. The Master Plan envisages systemic development to enhance the quality of industrial as well as social life. Hardly surprising that it has emerged as a hot favourite of industrialists, professionals and entrepreneurs.
Noida is a highly integrated township, offering facilities for all activities: Industrial, Commercial and Residential.

To understand the quality of facilities available in Noida and the development projects currentlyunderway please read the following:

Infrastructural is an on-going process, especially for a township that is developing as fast as Noida is. Accordingly, many projects and new development schemes are planned, launched and implemented frequently. To obtain a bird-eye view to the new development activities and schemes in Noida

Noida is connected with one of the best telecommunication networks in India. Under the Ghaziabad Telecom District network, Noida is directly accessible with Delhi network through 91 exchanges. All the exchanges in Noida are electronic and are connected with digital and optical fibre based telecommunication facilities. Presently, there are 7 telephone exchanges functioning in Noida with a total capacity of 75,000 lines against the demand of 63,000 lines. This clearly indicates that there is no waiting list in Noida. It is proposed to install 6 more exchanges with additional capacity of 1,47,000 lines in the next five years.